Extreme Packaging Makeover: Grassland Butter Edition.

The Grassland Butter Company has a rich 100 plus year heritage of manufacturing quality butter in Wisconsin. Their desire to rebrand and give discerning consumers a back-to-basics, Non-GMO Verified Butter gave Jeff Marshall Studio the opportunity to transform their staid packaging into a category innovator with a distinctive style.



The original packaging was a combination of flat primary colors with art and typography that lacked not only shelf impact but also any brand personality that consumers could connect with. We wanted to convey the premium nature of the product and introduce the Non-GMO Verified story with updated branding, clean design, and a shift in their marketing approach.



A re-imagined brand was the first course of action. Let’s bring this company that has been around since 1904 into modern times. The best way to do that was to re-create the past with a concentration on the future. Today consumers often get confused about the foods they are eating; every week there’s a new angle. Non-GMO butter eliminates many layers of cream production that a growing number of consumers are not comfortable with. Consumers wanted a choice for better, that became our mantra and call to action.

Packaging 4 copy.jpg


The main Grassland brand evolved into more than just a font, it became a piece of art that suggested a hand created farm sign. The watercolor felt flexible in both a modern and old-world story. The rest of the aesthetics drastically changed. An updated, warmer illustration of “GRACIE” the cow was created. A craft paper background combined with the bold color-coding from the Non-GMO Certified logo creates an earthy, nostalgic and wholesome experience for today’s consumers.



It was a great opportunity to take a redesign beyond an evolution to a revolution in look and feel.

Source: jeffmarshallstudio.me