The above photo is one of my favorites. I did 2 special edition covers for the Club James Bond France Archives. Each edition featured 1/2 of Roger Moore's face. Good friend and club president, Luc Le Clech snapped this priceless photo.

My work

I've been working in illustration and graphic design since 1981 (photo below) which is so very lucky for me because I communicate best with images and graphics. George Lucas wrote that "Art is not only a powerful means of communication; it also has the ability to build ideas beyond the literal into the more spiritual...". I think that creating images with a specific point of view helps communicate ideas and emotions that truly connect. So my ambition is to go into it boldly with a romantic flair, entice with colorful twist and build with the delicate storytelling rhythm that comes from my love of design.  At the end of the day image is everything.


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